Kansas City Star Argues Against 'Rage' In First Progressive Screed Of 2023

Trigger warning . . .

Nearly every thing about this edict from the newspaper is maddening. 

It's mostly full of culture war half-truths and outright misinformation AND THEN wants readers to "peacefully" accept their worldview. 

Our answer from TKC . . . 


From our vantage, we find that outright mockery of silly culture war rants is good for the soul.

Here's their side of the story . . .

We must all work harder to understand that violence shouldn’t be used to address common disputes. While conflicts and disagreements are inevitable in any place where humans gather, mayhem is not.

This idea extends beyond shootings and murder. We argue too much, just for the sake of argument. We use threats too much. Words sting, and are not soon forgotten. Social media makes things worse: No comments, no positions seem beyond bitter, personal responses.

To what end? Are we better because we’re constantly yelling at each other? Are we any closer to being a nation where everyone contributes, and is rewarded in return? Or is the opposite true: Are our disputes so angry, and solved so violently, that progress seems impossible?

In too many ways, Americans have made rage a central part of their lives.

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Kansas City, we have too much rage in our lives. Here’s to an enduring peace in 2023