Kansas City South Side Shares Dystopian View Of Crime Ahead Of Elections

Or . . .

We're marginally impressed with our neighbors for their Isaac Hayes reference . . .

Last night our good friend and neighbor across the street from us at Southside. Had their strip center hit with a  thief who was stealing lines with a bolt cutter.

When is enough, enough?!?!?

We pay our taxes, we employees thousands of locals to work with us at our businesses throughout the city . . . Covid mandates by this city council killed our industry. We have been battling the destruction of our neighborhoods and community by homeless individuals who don't want help from anyone. Other than get free money panhandling to feed their habits. All of these individuals I might remind you, we have been begging our city leaders to help these individuals. To get off the streets for good.

Now we have to deal with this type of theft.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas "The Duke of Kansas City", has certainly allowed the criminals to control Kansas City.