Kansas City South Side Balls' Grocery Bust

Thankfully, there isn't much food scarcity on the South Side . . . But that doesn't stop the decline of retail in all of its forms.

And so hottie Alexis inspires this peek at grocery store chain decline in Kansas City . . .

“These are always tough decisions but with two other stores within a five-mile radius – one of them recently renovated – we decided to consolidate our efforts and resources,” said David Ball, president of Balls Food Stores. “We’re looking forward to continuing to serve our customers at our other locations and inviting all teammates at the impacted store to join us.”

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Sun Fresh in Red Bridge Shopping Center to close on Saturday

Red Bridge residents were surprised to hear the unexpected news that Balls Sun Fresh grocery store is closing January 28 at the Red Bridge Shopping Center. Word first got out around January 6th before it crescendoed to a high pitch a week later, with cries of a food desert, (Walmart.