Kansas City Solution: EVs Power Snail Mail

Sadly . . . These trucks are charged by power plants that run on fossil fuels.

But let's not let a modicum of logic ruin the fun times.

Check-it . . .

"The CleanAirNow Coalition was one of many environmental groups that, along with 16 U.S. states, sued the U.S. Postal Service over their plan to purchase heavily-polluting gasoline trucks. Now the USPS will electrify its fleet of mail delivery vehicles."

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A Kansas City group helped push the USPS to spend billions on new electric mail trucks

The U.S. Postal Service is set to spend $10 billion over the next five years to shift the makeup of its fleet of mail trucks to include more electronic delivery vehicles. The shift comes as the result of pressure from numerous environmental organizations, state governments and the Biden administration to transition the USPS fleet of more than 230,000 vehicles to more environmentally friendly options.