Kansas City Servers Hate Restaurant Week

Just a quick reminder for those venturing out for an overpriced slice of local life . . .


To be fair . . .

American tipping etiquette is completely out of control by most accounts. The "gig economy" has inspired many service industry workers to expect gratuities of up to 40% from the average mid-level restaurant. 

Meanwhile, deep discounts only worsen the dissatisfaction with an influx of customers.

To make matters worse . . .

Kansas City's restaurant industry still hasn't fully recovered from the pandemic and staffing issues continue to plague most places.

Confirmation . . .

“Restaurants are still struggling a little bit with staffing,” he said. “Restaurant Week might be a little bit more of a challenge this year in terms of getting you in and getting you out, so keep that in mind.”

We'll keep an eye on this story but in the meantime . . . As usual, we advise everyone to lower their expectations in order to enjoy a cowtown dining experience.  

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You decide . . .