Kansas City Saturday News Look: Fixing Pipes, Prez Polling Fades & Funny Money

For close news watcher we share a consideration of a golfer hottie and her body of work that might or might not be as important as her social media endorsement achievements. And all of THAT leads us to a consideration of pop culture, community news and top headlines. 

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Infrastructure Promises Resurface Amid Election Season

KC Water works to curb water main breaks

KC Water says it's working to curb water main breaks that are common this time of year. Winter months bringing cold weather brought an end to dozens of old, outdated pipes under Kansas City's streets, resulting in flooding and water loss.

Rock Chalk Trending Down

Kansas loses 2nd straight; blasted by TCU at home

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The TCU Horned Frogs were able to get their first win ever at Allen Fieldhouse in 83-60 walloping of Kansas. TCU controlled the game from start to finish, jumping out to a 37-17 lead in the first half.

Old Tech Ignores Podcast Future

Why do right-wing voices dominate the AM dial? Decades of change cemented shift. - Kansas Reflector

Say something on social media and it's out there for eternity. No matter where, it can be traced. So you are ultimately accountable, for better or worse. Say something on AM talk radio, however, and it vanishes into the ether. If asked about it later, you can just shrug your shoulders and turn away.

Show-Me Next Missouri Democratic Party Candidate For Senate

Jellyfish found in Missouri, MDC reports

MISSOURI - Jellyfish in the Show-Me state are more common than you think. The Craspedacusta sowerbyi is the freshwater jellyfish of Missouri and they're found statewide. How did the jellyfish get here? The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports this species is native to eastern Asia, but can now be found worldwide in appropriate habitats.

Another Open Thread

Live divisional round updates: Chiefs battle the Jaguars for a ticket to the AFC Championship

The Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. A 14-3 season has all been leading to this - the playoffs. The face of the NFL, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and the league's newest rising star, Trevor Lawrence, are battling for a trip to the AFC Championship Game Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.A win would mean Kansas City is headed to an unprecedented fifth straight title game.

Golfer Gives Good Preview

Paige Spiranac offers fans her 'sexiest snaps ever' - plus 'b**bies 101' lesson

Paige Spiranac has promised fans will be able to see her "sexiest pictures ever" after launching her own website. Spiranac confirmed the debut of OnlyPaige.com on Wednesday night, presumably attempting to satisfy her followers who have long- wanted the star to join OnlyFans.

White House Ruins Midterm Victory

Biden enters year with low approval ratings despite midterm boost

President Biden is entering the new year with approval ratings that are close to the lowest levels seen in his presidency, despite the shot-in the-arm the White House received from a relatively successful midterm election that saw Democrats hold the Senate and keep House losses to a minimum.

Recession Arrives

U.S. Treasurys at 'critical point': Stocks, bonds correlation shifts as fixed-income market flashes recession warning

Bonds and stocks may be getting back to their usual relationship, a plus for investors with a traditional mix of assets in their portfolios amid fears that the U.S. faces a recession this year.

Jumping Ship

New York Times: White House chief of staff Ron Klain expected to step down | CNN Politics

White House chief of staff Ron Klain is expected to step down from his role in the coming weeks, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Conservative Talkers Fight Over Cash

Far-Right Blowhard Calls $50 Million Daily Wire Offer a 'Slave Contract'

Far-right YouTuber Steven Crowder has kicked off a public feud with The Daily Wire after the right-wing news outlet approached him with a measly four-year contract offer worth a pitiful $50 million, and some fiduciary obligations on his part.

Hollywood Recovers

Jeremy Renner reveals he broke more than 30 bones in snow plow accident

Jeremy Renner revealed he broke more than 30 bones when he was crushed by a snowplow on New Year's Day. "Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this particular new years [sic] .... Spawned from tragedy for my entire family, and quickly focused into uniting actionable love ❤️," the Marvel actor wrote in an Instagram update Saturday.

Cryptocurrency Comeback?!?

Bitcoin soars past $23,000 to highest since last September

Bitcoin soared past $23,000 on Saturday, its highest level since September, as the crypto currency market recovered some ground in early 2023. The rally came despite news on Thursday that Genesis Global Capital had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Genesis is owned by Digital Currency Group.

What?!? Yeah!!! Okay!!!

Why Lil Jon is performing at halftime of Chiefs vs. Jaguars playoff game

When you think of Kansas City, do you think of Lil Jon? You will on Saturday, as the Chiefs-Jaguars halftime show is going to feature the Atlanta-born rapper, producer, and hype man. The already extremely loud Arrowhead Stadium is going to have the party hitmaker performing at halftime.

Katie Predicts Snow . . . 

Rain Saturday night will turn to snow going into Sunday morning

Rain Saturday night will turn to snow going into Sunday morning The high temperature will be around 38 degrees Saturday; light rain in the evening is likely to turn to light snow overnight. Hide Transcript Show Transcript MATT: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHIEFS GAME TODAY AND WE TAKE A LOOK AT ARROWHEAD BEHIND US.

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