Kansas City Royals Will Suck 2023

The front office is more concerned with a downtown stadium than improving the franchise.

Here's the precursor for the Vegas move . . .

"During an interview with MLB Network earlier this week, General Manager J.J. Picollo admitted what many of us had already assumed - the Royals are not going to make a serious effort to compete in 2023. According to Picollo, they are looking forward to 2024 or 2025. Given this new information, I think it’s important to ask ourselves how the Royals' off-season moves look in that light."

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Can the Royals really turn this around by 2024?

First, a retraction. One of the things I criticized the Royals for last week was the cancellation of FanFest in order to hold the Royals Rally. In doing so, I mistakenly conflated the FanFest with the Royals Caravans which have not happened in some time.