Kansas City Reparations Almost Explained

Actually . . . Not at all.

Instead . . . We listen to a game of softball and political posturing without any tought questions at all.

Take a listen . . .

Mickey Dean, founder of the KC Reparations Coalition, which started this movement here in Kansas City, called the vote "a step forward."

Dean joined KCUR's Up To Date to discuss reparations for Black Kansas Citians and how the community is reacting.

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Kansas City creates a committee to study reparations for Black residents

Kansas City is taking a big step towards reparations for the Black community. On Jan. 12, City Council voted 10-1 to approved Ordinance No. 220966, which expresses "apologies on behalf of the City of Kansas City" and establishes an intent to "make amends for its participation in the sanctioning of the enslavement of Black people and any historical enforcement of segregation and accompanying discriminatory practices against Black citizens of Kansas City."