Kansas City 'Reefer Madness' Confirmed With Frenzy Of Higher Metro Weed Taxes

Sure, reefer madness might spike social ills like listening to jazz, frantically doing the Charleston or the munchies. 

However . . .

Recent Missouri marijuana legalization has also sparked a near manic rush to tax weed consumers from local municipalities. 

Check the roundup . . .

These cities have already approved putting a 3% recreational marijuana sales tax on the April 4 ballot: Kansas City, Raytown, Liberty, Grandview, Belton, Independence, Lee's Summit, North Kansas City

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These Kansas City-area cities are putting local marijuana tax on the ballot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the legalization of marijuana in Missouri, thousands of Kansas City-area voters will now decide if their city can tax sales of the drug. Leaders in multiple cities are planning a 3% local tax on recreational marijuana, but first voters will weigh in.