Kansas City Public Schools Vote To Shut Down Longfellow & Troost Elementary

The longstanding decline of American public education hits home this evening . . .

We "liberated" this passage from behind the paywall of a blog that stole our content yesterday . . .

"After a split vote, the Kansas City school board on Wednesday agreed to close two elementary schools at the end of this school year, scaling back a previous proposal that would have shuttered four buildings at once.

"The board voted 4-2 to close Troost and Longfellow elementary schools. Officials say both buildings are under-enrolled and outdated, and closing them will free up funds to help avoid a budget shortfall and improve academic offerings. The district expects to save $2.4 million."

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Kansas City Public Schools approves Blueprint 2030 plan, clearing way for closure of 2 elementary schools

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Public Schools board signed off on its Blueprint 2030 on Wednesday night, meaning students in two of its schools will need to find a new place to learn. KCPS' original plan proposed closing or repurposing two high schools and eight elementary schools.

Plan to close 2 KCPS elementary schools approved by board

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - With a vote of 4-to-2, the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors approved a plan to close two elementary schools in the fall of 2023. The vote on the school closures was part of a larger proposal that involved a new mission statement and set of priorities called Blueprint 2030.

KCPS board members approves revised 2030 Blueprint plan

The Kansas City Public School Board has approved its revised 2030 Blueprint recommendation.The plan will only close Longfellow and Troost Elementary.