Kansas City Progressives Prefer Pendergast Over Police?!?

A local news "collective" is attempting to rewrite history to fit a sketchy narrative. 

The upside . . . Boss Tom Pedergast's legacy is getting polished up. 

We all know the story . . . The Irish mob ran Kansas City by way of the boozy drug dealing. Prohibition powered a criminal empire that killed kids, extorted millions from small biz and overtook local government amid rampant corruption. 

However . . . 

It's more "powerful" to invent a more politically relevant story and tie "local control" to slavery . . . Even if the historical evidence is scant at best.

Sadly, the fact don't really matter when we're talking about upcoming voter initiatives. 

Also . . . We should all probably ignore the deadly crisis in STL that now regrets so-called "local" control.

As always, here's their side of the story . . .

"Supporters of state control say the system was established to limit political influence on the police department in the 1930s. But the 150-year history of state control dates back to the Civil War."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

When did Kansas City police come under state control? The answer dates back to the Civil War

Kansas City is the only major city that lacks control over its own police department. The oft-stated rationale for state control is to prevent local partisan politics from interfering with the workings of the department. Champions of the unusual setup often cite the political corruption under the Pendergast political machine in the 1930s as a rationale.