Kansas City Politricks At The Outset Of American Scarcity

Because we notice that grocery stores really never recovered from the pandemic and a great deal of those cheap American treats (like eggs) are becoming increasingly harder to find and more costly . . . And ALL OF THAT ALONG WITH THE CURRENT RECESSION probably impacts people more than slap fighting over mean tweets. 

Still . . . 

Tonight we share a quick compilation of interesting stories that are work a peek but might not really need a great deal of explanation.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Show-Me Mayor Q's Latest Fight

KC Mayor Lucas decries MO legislature's push to restrict transgender student-athletes

"I want to make sure they have places where they don't feel like they need to hate themselves, to feel marginalized, to feel like there is no reason to be alive. That happens with legislation like this," Lucas told lawmakers.

Meth Town Turns To Trash

Independence leaders say abatement issues have significantly increased

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The Independence Code Enforcement Department says it's fighting an increase of trash, weeds, open storage and cars that just don't work anymore. Eight code enforcement officers cover a city with a population of 123,000 people. There is due process when it comes to code enforcement issues including multiple notifications, time extensions and sometimes issuing tickets.

Show-Me Citizen Crackdown

Missouri realtors vow to fight GOP push to make it harder to amend state constitution * Missouri Independent

The Missouri Association of Realtors, an organization that spent millions in recent years on two successful initiative petition campaigns, is warning lawmakers it will oppose anything more than tinkering with the way the constitution is amended by voters.

Missouri Pushes For Petitions

Missouri lawmakers act fast on citizen access to the ballot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri lawmakers moved quickly to pass more restrictions on amending the state constitution during one of the session's first hearings Tuesday. Republican legislative leaders in the House and Senate have cited cracking down on constitutional amendments as a top priority for the session , arguing that it's now too easy to enshrine policies in the constitution.

Kansas Crackdown After Election Defeat

"We just started." Kansas anti-abortion activists search for path forward after ballot defeat

Five months after Kansans overwhelmingly voted to preserve the state-level right to an abortion leaders in the anti-abortion movement stood on the steps of the Kansas State Capitol urging supporters to "stay the course." At the annual March for Life in Topeka Tuesday, anti-abortion activists applauded the U.S.

LGBT Renaissance Underway

PROMO holds press conference addressing nine anti-LGBTQ+ bills filed in Missouri

PROMO, Missouri's LGBTQ+ public policy and advocacy organization, will hold a press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 3:30 p.m. to lobby against nine anti-LGBTQ+ bills that will be heard in Missouri House and Senate public committee hearings the same day.

Kansas Dust Bowl Daze Redux

How bad was the 2022 drought? For these 7 Kansas communities, it was the driest on record

It might not rain much in Healy. But if it does, it's Steve Fenster's job to know about it. Every morning for more than 40 years as a volunteer with the National Weather Service, he's peered out the window of his west-central Kansas home scouring his patio for any signs of moisture.

Lines In The Sand

City of Grain Valley sues Jackson County Election Board over district ward boundaries in April 4 election

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city of Grain Valley announced Tuesday morning it is suing the Jackson County Election Board (JCEB) after use of a new ward boundary map in the April 4 election was denied.

Right-Wing Granny Shares Hope

Grandmother, former public school teacher Jill Sasse running in KC's 6th Council District for law enforcement, against government overreach

Grandmother of five and former public school teacher Jill Sasse is running for Kansas City Council, prioritizing public safety and stopping government overreach to bring common sense back to local government. Sasse, who has lived in the Kansas City area since she was 20 years old and has been teaching in some capacity for 36 years, is vying for KC's 6 th District-At-Large seat, opposing incumbent Andrea Bough.

Trans Issues One More Time

Sweeping education bill clears Missouri Senate committee without anti-transgender provision * Missouri Independent

A Senate committee removed a controversial proposal targeting transgender athletes from a wide-ranging education bill Tuesday, but the committee's chair indicated more debate to come on the issue. On a six to three vote along party lines, the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee approved legislation that would dictate how history and race are taught in Missouri classrooms, as well as establish a statewide transparency portal for public schools, among other provisions.

Kansas Against Tough Talk?!?

Anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and laws harm your Kansas neighbors. We can build a more welcoming state. - Kansas Reflector

Even as data shows a majority of the country supports LGBTQ+ people and their rights, hostility and violence against the community is on the rise. The past two years have been the deadliest for transgender people in recent history, in large part due to the rapidly increasing number of legislative attacks against trans peoples' rights and the resurgence of demeaning and harmful anti-trans rhetoric in our communities.

The Beak Shall Inherit The Earth

Kansas Senate adopts resolution condemning protection of lesser prairie chicken - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The Kansas Senate suspended rules and took emergency action Monday to adopt a resolution condemning federal protection of the lesser prairie chicken. Sen. Dan Kerschen, a Garden Plain Republican, introduced the resolution on the Senate floor immediately before making the motion to take a vote.

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