Kansas City Pauses Truman Road Bike Lanes & Considers Removal After Outcry

It doesn't happen often BUT for once . . . Small biz & residents in the urban core have garnered leverage over elitist amateur urban planners attempting to impose their will on the working-class. 

We talked about this A LOT yesterday and might have more to share on the topic.

But for now . . . 

Here's a worthwhile mainstream summary . . .

After Friday's meeting, (Council Lady Melissa) Robinson said solutions considered are completely removing the bike lanes or adjusting them for permanent parking.

Robinson said an ordinance would be need to introduced and would need seven KCMO City Council votes to remove the bike lanes.

Shaw said the new bike lanes aren’t finished yet, but the installation won’t continue due to the safety concerns brought forth.

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Bike lanes may be removed from Truman Road after safety concerns from business owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bike lanes along Truman Road in Kansas City, Missouri, were installed about three months ago. In November, KSHB 41 saw the bike lanes confuse drivers, backup traffic and nearly cause several crashes. On Friday, the Kansas City, Missouri Department of Public Works acknowledged the issues and said it's attempting to make changes.