Kansas City Nicer News For Late Night

Just a few worthwhile stories that remind us this town isn't such a bad place to live.

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Kansas City Chiefs light Arrowhead blue in honor of Damar Hamlin

All right. Um I'll just start with Tamar. Uh that's um quite *** quite an event that took place there. I mean that um there are *** lot of things that you can take out of that from *** humanity standpoint. We're all we're all pulling for tomorrow as he goes forward here.

Ministry equips churches to serve refugees in Kansas City | Baptist Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) - More than a year after American withdrawal created massive instability in Afghanistan, refugees from the war-torn nation still need practical help and a friendly face. RefugeKC is a non-profit ministry seeking to equip churches in the Kansas City area to step into this ongoing need.

Fish Fry host Chuck Haddix will receive community service award for his work preserving Black music

Chuck Haddix, host of KCUR's popular Fish Fry weekend music show, will be honored with a community service award at William Jewell College's annual Northland Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, for his work in preserving the African American culture of music.

GM is the top car seller in America, retaking the title from Toyota

One year after losing the title it held for nearly a century as the top car seller in America, General Motors is back on top.On Wednesday, GM reported U.S. sales of 2.3 million vehicles. Strong fourth-quarter sales, up 41% from a year ago, allowed it to end the year with sales up nearly 3% from the 2.2 million U.S.

US job openings totaled 10.5 million in November, more than expected | CNN Business

The number of available jobs in the United States totaled 10.46 million in November, according to data released Wednesday by the Department of Labor. That's higher than the 10 million total job openings that economists were expecting, according to Refinitiv, and slightly lower than the upwardly revised October total of 10.51 million.

Olathe introduces Food Waste pilot program for environmentally conscience residents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Food waste is an environmental hazard, filling up landfills and producing greenhouse gases that scientists believe adversely impact our climate. Olathe is making it easier for people hoping to make a difference with the introduction of a Food Waste pilot program .

After years of planning, Lathrop celebrates the opening of its large all-inclusive park

A local community is finally opening its all-inclusive park after nearly four years of planning and fundraising.It's a 10,000-square-foot all-inclusive park in Lathrop, Missouri.A town of just a couple thousand people."There was a need to replace the playground, so there was an original fundraising group," Kendra Gagnon with Friends of Lathrop City Park told KMBC 9 Wednesday.

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