Kansas City NextGen News: School Closing Push Back, Universal Lunch & Narcan Access

This local news doesn't really fit anywhere else but we're posting it because it's important for parents and anybody concerned about the future of this cowtown.

Accordingly, here's a bevy of topics on the perilous sitch confronting students . . .

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Kansas City scales back district closures after pushback: 'We have that power to defend our schools'

Kansas City Public Schools is considering a scaled back plan to close schools as it copes with low enrollment and aging buildings. The district's Board of Education announced at its October meeting that it was considering closing 10 schools as part of a multi-year strategic plan to give its students the same programs and activities offered to students in suburban districts.

Missouri should consider the Rocky Mountain road to universal school lunch * Missouri Independent

Better grades, improved health and higher lifetime earnings are why Missouri should join the growing list of states that provide universal school meals to all public school students. In 2017, researchers at Syracuse University published a study on the impact of free school lunches on all New York City middle school students.

KCK public school workers being trained to use Narcan for overdose emergencies

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Preventative and proactive. That's how educators in Kansas City, Kansas describe their training to use Narcan, the emergency spray that's used to save anyone who's overdosed on fentanyl. Fifty doses of the life-saving tool are now owned by KCK Public School administrators, 153 district employees have been trained to administer Narcan, including fellow nursing staffers and district police officers.

Missouri legislators propose bills addressing child care shortages

The Columbus Park YMCA Head Start has two classrooms; each can hold 17 students. These days, it only uses one.The YMCA operates five Head Starts in the Kansas City area. Heather Gilliam heads them."We are currently short-staffed," Gillam told KMBC on Wednesday. "We could be a lot busier than we are right now.

Hearing for Kansas City's Genesis School charter set

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Missouri state commission schedules a hearing to discuss the possibility of revoking a Kansas City school's charter. The Missouri Charter Public School Commission put Genesis School on notice last month.

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