Kansas City News Highlights: Inferno, Political Attacks & Tribute

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Tonight's Local Blow-Up

Large fire erupts in detached garage in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) --- Kansas City firefighters worked to put out a large fire of a detached garage in the 4200 block of Jarboe Court. The fire was large enough to grab attention to several KCTV5 viewers. The Kansas City Fire Department said no injuries were reported in the fire, which was upgraded to a two-alarm call at around 7:30 p.m.

Searching For Suburban Justice

Grandview family still searching for justice three years after mother was killed in her driveway

Nearly three years after a local mother was murdered, her family is still searching for justice. Family and friends of Alexuas Acord spent hours in the cold passing out more than 250 fliers, hoping to find the person who killed her.For each car that stopped and every window that rolled down, justice got a little closer for the mother of two.

Kansas Baller Dedication

Friends, teammates remember late University of Saint Mary football player

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - Friends, teammates and loved ones gathered Saturday to remember the life of University of Saint Mary senior Justin White. White lost his life in a car accident in Oklahoma while heading back to Kansas City from the Jan. 9 Podyum Bowl in Miami Beach, Florida, where NFL scouts were present.

Artsy Interlude

West Bottoms Gallery Highlights Latin American Artists

Over the past two decades, the once industrial and then desolate landscape of the West Bottoms has been revived by the arts community.

GOP In Attack Mode Over Dox

Conservatives blast Biden over latest batch of classified information found: 'FBI raid happens when?'

Prominent conservatives on social media blasted the Biden administration Saturday over the news that even more classified information has been found on his property and several conservatives wondered aloud why the FBI hasn't raided his home like they did with former President Donald Trump.

Hold The Mayo?!?

Democrats slough off attacks on Buttigieg

The snafu happened a little more than two weeks after a massive wave of flight cancellations by Southwest Airlines called attention to Buttigieg's pledges to hold the air carriers accountable for how they treat passengers.

Po-Po Wants To Be Friends

Meta sues "scraping-for-hire" service that sells user data to law enforcement

Meta said it's suing "scraping-for-hire" service Voyager Labs for allegedly using fake accounts, proprietary software, and a sprawling network of IP addresses to surreptitiously collect massive amounts of personal data from users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

MSM Shares COVID Questions

U.S. FDA, CDC see early signal of possible Pfizer bivalent COVID shot link to stroke

Jan 13 (Reuters) - (This Jan. 13 story has been refiled with an edited headline to clarify that the link to a stroke is possible, not definite.) A safety monitoring system flagged that U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) and German partner BioNTech's updated COVID-19 shot could be linked to a type of brain stroke in older adults, according to preliminary data analyzed by U.S.

Holy Land Protest Heightened

More than 80,000 people turn out for Tel Aviv protest against Netanyahu government | CNN

Tens of thousands of people protested in Tel Aviv Saturday night against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government's proposed changes to the Israeli judicial system. Despite pouring rain over the city, police estimated that more than 80,000 people flooded central Tel Aviv's HaBima square and surrounding streets, according to Israeli media, while others took to the streets in Jerusalem for parallel protests.

Do Tell Motel

28 porn stars facing legal action after filming inside Travelodge

A group of 28 porn stars have found themselves facing potential legal action after they filmed adult content at a Travelodge. The Travelodge in Newcastle's Cobalt Business Park was selected as an alternative location for the scenes when the group were allegedly thrown out of the mansion they had first selected.

TKC Readers Are More Likely To Discover The Lost Continent Of Atlantis

Everything you need to know about the G-spot

Ahhh the elusive G-spot. It's probably one of the most hotly debated areas when it comes to women's sexual health. Some people think it doesn't exist. Some people think it does. Some women will never have an orgasm via the G-spot, while some women exclusively get pleasure from this type of stimulation.

Fan Art Earns Accolades

Artist that dedicates his time to Chiefs paintings overwhelmed with requests

It's the bye week for the Kansas City Chiefs, but business is not slowing down for one area artist that dedicates his time to painting them.In fact, requests for new Chiefs pieces have never been higher."Every once in a while, I'll post one, and one of them will just take off," Artist Aaron Norris said.A picture can speak a thousand words.

Winter Warmup Redux

FORECAST: Stronger breeze from the south helps us warm up nicely

After a chilly past few days, temperatures warm up nicely this weekend! We are looking at a cool start to Saturday, but by the afternoon we make strides into the mid-to-upper-40s across the board. This is all thanks to a stronger south breeze that picks up from 10 to 20 mph.

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