Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Answers Lingering Residency Questions

By far, the biggest question from voters about citizen petition activist Clay Chastain won't be the fact that he's the only guy to ever win a citywide light rail vote OR That he was one of the first advocates for the renewal of downtown by way of bi-state efforts starting with Union Station . . .

Instead, Clay Chastain's residency has once again become a point of contention.

TKC EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes, there is an effort to prevent him from securing a place on the ballot.

Accordingly . . . Here's how he answers the early questions in his latest press release:

Clay Chastain clears the air for those who wonder...(1) how he can run for Mayor, and (2) why he keeps coming back.

(1) Does Clay Chastain meet the Mayoral requirements of the City Charter? Yes.

1. Residency: "Resided a total of at least 5-years before election day". The Charter makes no distinction (it could have) between residing... exclusively, full time or part time. I have continuously resided in KC, as either a full time resident or a part time resident (mostly at my sister's house), the last 42-years. Note: If elected, I will reside in KC full time due to the recent consummation of a family obligation in Va.

2. Qualified voter: "Be a qualified voter of the City". I have been a qualified KC voter for 42-years (1981-2023). I could not have been a qualified KC voter for 42-years, if I had not resided in KC the past 42-years.

3. Taxpayer: "Current on all City taxes". I am.

(2) Why does Clay Chastain keep coming back?

I have invested a chunk of my life volunteering to improve KC. In the past, I kept coming back because the City kept interfering with my petitions: blocking them, distorting them and even overturning a petition election I won! The political establishment was afraid I would upstage them and diminish their control. My only chance now is if the voters of KC trump the political establishment and elect me as their new leader. After all these years, after all those failed attempts and after enough frustration to fill a lifetime, l hope to finally have the privilege of showing the people what I can do for them and our City.

Personal note: I acknowledge I've shared my time between KC & Virginia. Nevertheless, I truly reside.... where my heart resides, where my 2-grandchildren and my eldest daughter reside, where my friends reside, where my only sister resides, where my causes reside & where my beloved parents are buried side by side....in Kansas City.


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