Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Opposes Reparations

Here's a fun fact that we're reporting first . . .

Clay Chastain is the only candidate opposing Mayor Q in the 2023 election. You tell us what that means about local Democracy???

We just talked to Andrew McGuire and he will not be on the ballot in April.

In the meantime, like it or not, Clay Chastain is starting his campaign . . . 

Here's a peek at his platform . . . 

Press release from Mayoral candidate Clay Chastain: Chastain will not abide (without a consenting vote of the people) a Kansas City Reparations Commission, or any KC taxpayer-funded reparations.

We need to come together as a Community. This legislative act does not help. If Lucas and the Council want to ruin Kansas City even further then they are on their way by passing a misguided ordinance to create a "Reparations Commission" for slavery. Not the answer. Trying to legislate slavery reparations (paid for by KC taxpayers) would not only be a misappropriation of public funds (an act of misfeasance) and discriminatory, it would also be counterproductive in that it would only further divide our community and drain it of (even more) residents.

As we all know, the White race once committed atrocities against Black Americans while denying them their dignity, personal ambition and the free will to chart their own lives. These heinous crimes are not payable in impersonal things like... financial restitution, more free stuff or other such "amends". I may be wrong, but I believe most Blacks do not want White's money. Rather, they want to be respected, treated as equals and given the equal means, access and opportunity to achieve success by way of their own wares, ambition and personal responsibility.

Many segments of the American population have also been horrifically abused: The American Indians, Latinos (White men took their land too), the Jews, Irish and others who were also systematically oppressed and disrespected. Even the women of America (who White men thought less than their equal) were the last to be granted the right to vote. The past is the past. Otherwise, there will be no end to it.

Furthermore, the primary function of Municipal government is to maintain the City - not force a highly controversial political agenda on those it represents without their consent (see Lucas painting BLM slogans on public streets without voter approval).

My Mayoral Administration will focus on providing Blacks, and other minorities, equal opportunity, equal access and equal means to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

One last thing, if I'm elected Mayor: If this misguided legislative act is not withdrawn by the new Council, I will lead a petition drive (while in office) to overturn this reparation-related ordinance and put the matter to a vote of the people.

Clay Chastain 


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