Kansas City Luxury Homes Now Demand Custom Closet Space

The lead image offers a peek at laundry day in what might be the parts of Kolkata that aren't on the tourist map.

Meanwhile, the nicer parts of Kansas City have a much more expensive method of dealing with their extra space . . . 

"But the men felt that they could create a closet that would help them live better. Using the winter closet and half of the adjacent wine cellar—which was designed to hold 5,000 bottles—they reimagined the space to provide pleasing form and function. In addition, they had a clear idea of what they wanted from a design perspective."

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Curated Closets: Two Custom Spaces Make "Storage" a Dream Come True - In Kansas City

When David Brinkerhoff and Dan Meiners bought their current home, they had the space they needed but not exactly where they needed it. "The closet was functional," Meiners says. "It was a basic white box that had what the previous owners referred to as 'winter closet' in the back."