Kansas City Journalism: Blame The Dead Guy

Kansas City development is basically just one big ponzi scheme wherein taxpayers pick up the tab for a bevy of sketchy deals powered thru by way of political influence. 

This week some of our BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS noticed . . . Locals patted themselves on the back for this story which pins a great deal of financial shenanigans on a dead guy rather than holding elected officials and public/private partnerships accountable.

Start your golf clapping with this passage . . .

The lawsuit suggests that EDC employees knew little, if anything, about the true nature of Brown’s life.

For example, the lawsuit said that Brown told his colleagues that his one marriage ended in a divorce and that he had no children. But Brown had been married three times — his third marriage began in 2013, before he started work at the EDC, and lasted until he died last year — and had three children.

The larger deception occurred with his handling of EDC funds.

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Lawsuit says Kansas City development agency controller lied about his past, stole millions

When Lee Brown applied to the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Kansas City to oversee the agency's finances in 2015, he said he held degrees in law and accounting, had worked at a prestigious accounting firm and earned a license as a certified public accountant.