Kansas City I-670 Vaporware Coverup Cont'd

Cash progress continues on a sketchy scheme that's mostly to benefit residents of luxury downtown living space.

Here's the latest taxpayer funded cash prize . . .

United States Senator Roy Blunt announced that nearly $30 million through the Government Funding Bill is being used toward the project, but the total cost is $160 million.

Downtown trekkers can get across the highway system by walking through several intersections, but several city entities working together want it streamlined. The collective partnership team is comprised of the city, the Downtown Council, and Port KC. They want the area to be acres of green space people can enjoy and travel on to get through the city by creating 5.5 acres of green space over four blocks, with a goal for all or at least a segment completed by 2026.

Port KC President and CEO Jon Stephens said they are in the works to get a portion of that $160 million total with $18 million in private commitments from the downtown stakeholders and an additional 10s of millions through federal grants---goals that he said are in their grasp. He said environmental studies can have those dollars approved when that plan is presented at a later date down the road.

Translation . . .

KCMO low-turnout tax increase vote is likely the best way to ram this home.

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$160M green-space plan above I-670 gets another $30M, still several years away

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Millions of state dollars are being used toward a new look above I-670 in downtown Kansas City, but it will be several years and many millions of dollars before the green-space project is complete. Millions more from the feds, state, and public-private entities are still needed to get the South Loop Link project up and running.