Kansas City Hipsters Share Life Advice

Actually, this updated travel guide features some worthwhile suggestions that aren't as soul-crushing as watching a 35-year-old dude try to write a screenplay at a coffeehouse.

Here's a taste . . .

The first edition of the book was released in 2015, but Angel felt the book needed to be updated, especially after the COVID pandemic. The new edition puts more emphasis on Kansas City’s natural spaces, history, and, in Angel’s words, “what might have a longer shelf life.”

According to Angel, she has done all 100 recommended Kansas City activities in the book as part of her writing process.

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Traci Angel discusses her book 100 Things to Do in Kansas City Before You Die

Local freelance journalist and writing professor at UMKC, Traci Angel, knows that Kansas City holds many hidden gems to explore. In fact, she knows this so well, she wrote a book of 100 Things to Do in Kansas City Before You Die , published by St. Louis, MO. independent press, Reedy Press.