Kansas City Forum Scolds Councilman Bunch On Truman Road Bike Lanes

We really wanted to focus on this today and thanks to the help of our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY we have an uncensored view of a raucous meetup on the topic of Truman Road bike lanes. 

The meeting just completed and now here's the word . . .

Truman Road Biz owner Shawn Arcidino was at the forefront of the criticism that called out councilman Bunch. 

Insiders tell us that most of the exchanges were really brutal. 

In a meeting of more than 60 nearby residents there was an audible chorus of BOOING and rebuke directed at councilman Bunch.

Take a good look at that lead photo . . . By the end of the meeting councilman Bunch seemed totally defeated and in full backpedaling mode.  (Forgive the pun. )

Mr. Arcidino calmly but passionately expressed the impact to his biz and traffic dangers caused by the newly established bike lanes. 

From there it got worse . . .

The meeting attendees focused their ire on BikeWalkKC Policy Director Michael Kelley who is also running for the 5th District At-Large Council seat. 

Northeast News Publisher Mike Bushnell openly questioned: "Who are you representing here? Your constituents or BikeWalkKC???"

(Another look at the panel including Michael Shaw, director for KCMO Public Works . . .)

(Back to insider deets . . .) 

Mr. Kelley didn't respond well to the critical questions and pretty much shutdown halfway through the meeting. 

Meanwhile . . . It wasn't all bad news. 

Attendees of the meetings were respectful and seemed to appreciate the work of 3rd District Council Lady Melissa Robinson who served as moderator. 

Insiders tell us that she handled the tough situation professionally and allowed everyone to have a say.

Still . . .

There's no denying that most of the public feedback was negative . . . 


Again, this isn't Internets debate or bloggy chatter . . . These are people who took time out of their day to drag-ass to a community forum and desperately plead with city hall to do something . . . Anything to solve this dangerous traffic impediment.

Last fun fact for this post . . .

Per ushe . . . Amongst the crowd there was a bit of debate about rigged bike lane support from people on the payroll of advocacy organizations  . . . Of course BikeWalkKC "encouraged" their supporters who attempted to antagonize the crowd and blame residents for a lack of participation.

They were quickly shut down and neighborhood residents called out their affiliation. 

Again and again for the cheap seats . . .

The RESOUNDING message of this forum seemed to be a negative view of Truman Road bike lanes and desperate pleading for city hall to step in and do something to correct the poorly planned hot mess.

Developing . . .