Kansas City Fight To Save The Plaza Persists

The most important part of this news tidbit is the cash dedicated to bringing back KC's most beloved entertainment district.

Sadly, it's nothing that a mainstream media sparked bit of "social justice" rioting couldn't destroy in a week.

Here's the word and more resources . . .

What’s called the Plaza Area Council intends to be an umbrella organization for looking out for the interests of not only the historic, privately-owned shopping district, but adjoining neighborhoods, businesses, universities and cultural institutions.

“We effectively have a city within a city that’s an important piece of what makes Kansas City work,” architect Dennis Strait said.

The initial budget was estimated at $255,000 to ramp up the organization with funding provided by members.  Ultimately foundations and other institutions will be asked to underwrite the cost of bigger objectives.

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Plaza Forward

Making way for a new century on the Plaza and surrounding neighborhoods in the heart of Kansas City Sign up for news via email! Plaza Forward is a private, nonprofit membership organization representing and collaborating with Plaza area stakeholders to support this iconic and historic district.