Kansas City Downtown Fades Without Federal Workers?!?

It's around 9PM right now and in bigger better cities downtown is filled with semi-functional alcoholics getting drinks, a few weed bars drawing in customers and musical venues hosting a bevy of sh*tty local bands. However, inside the loop right now, Kansas City, MO is a ghost town. 

As the work week started there also wasn't a great deal of hustle & bustle during daylight hours. 

We could quarrel over the promises of developers & politicos regarding density.

However . . . 

Like it or not, what we notice is that there is a growing Democratic Party argument about Federal workers returning to the office and THAT DEBATE IMPACTS KANSAS CITY given that the feds have long been the leading employer in the metro.

Recently, the mayor of D.C. took the Prez to task on this issue.

After the jump we share a glimpse at the big picture and more news regarding the argument:

"In the local nightmare scenario, a downtown that’s perpetually short of workers has disastrous knock-on effects: Taxes on retail sales and commercial real estate don’t come in, public services get cut back, transit gets slower, empty streets feel increasingly scary, and the capital regains its 1980s-era image as a place people flee."

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D.C. Mayor to Biden: Your Teleworking Employees Are Killing My City

In the process, the Democratic mayor has landed on the same page as some of the most conservative members of the House GOP majority, who last week cosponsored the SHOW UP bill, which would mandate that federal agencies return to their pre-Covid office arrangements within 30 days.

DC mayor calls on Biden to stop remote work for government employees in 'back to the office' speech

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on the White House to bring government workers back to the office, and if that didn't work, convert office space into housing to save the city's downtown . It was the first major demand that Bowser made in her Jan.