Kansas City Crime Fighter Alonzo Washington Fought For Cold Case TIPS Amid Connection To DA In The Dotte

The good news is this story is the family & loved ones have some sense of resolution despite their heart-breaking loss.

However, here's a glimpse at the backstory that many locals might not know.

First, an MSM confirmation . . .

"FOX4 has confirmed with the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office that Billy Dupree is related to current prosecutor Mark Dupree, though they wouldn’t tell us their relation."

 Now . . . Here's a press release on the topic from Kansas City's most prolific crime fighter . . . 

Kansas City anticrime activist fought to make Kansas City Law Enforcement act of tips that stated Wyandotte County DA Mark Dupree’s Nephew Billy Dupree was the killer of Delisha Kelly.

Alonzo Washington is a long time Kansas City anticrime activist & comic book publisher who helps local law enforcement solve murders & other crimes on a monthly basis. He gained national and international attention after his efforts solved the Precious Doe/Erica Green child beheading murder case. Currently, he is being featured in documentary titled: Deadliest Mums & Dads: Who killed Precious Doe for solving the crime. The program is streaming on Discovery Plus Networks nationally in America and internationally in the United Kingdom Africa and Spain.

In 2019 Mr. Washington was contacted be a frustrated tipster who claimed to know who killed Delisha Kelly but was being ignored by Kansas City law enforcement because the suspected killers were relatives of District Attorney Mark Dupree. The original tip claimed that two of the DAs relatives were involved with the murder of the teenaged slain female.

Alonzo swiftly began to contact members of law-enforcement to encourage them to investigate these tips more seriously. Mr. Washington has direct contact with homicide units and police chiefs all over the Kansas City Metropolitan area due to the fact that he gives them tips on a monthly basis that solves murders often.

He contacted the Kansas City Missouri homicide unit and the Kansas City Kansas police chief to inform them that Delisha Kelly was killed in Kansas City, KS & then dumped in Kansas City, MO. Before he did that the Kansas City Missouri Police Department was officially working the case and the Kansas City Kansas Police Department wasn’t. Although, both departments were telling tipsters that the case belonged to the opposite agencies. The Kansas City Missouri Police Department would say it was the Kansas City Kansas Police Department’s murder case and the Kansas City Kansas Police Department would say it was the Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s murder case to tipsters who contacted them.

All of that quickly changed after Alonzo Washington began to do public postings on his popular social media platforms & contact law enforcement officials demanding that they act of the tips he gathered in the murder of Delisha Kelly. Shortly, after he began to advocate for the case he was able to arrange a team of FBI agents to meet with his tipster out of state so the tipster could give details about the murder of Delisha Kelly.

Alonzo Washington’s tipster had a taped confession of the killer admitting he killed the teenager and Alonzo Washington didn’t reach out to Kansas Law Enforcement until he heard the recording himself. After  Alonzo Washington arranged for FBI agents to meet with his tipster the Kansas Attorney General picked up the case.

Although, without Alonzo Washington’s efforts to make sure tips that implicated the nephew (Billy Dupree) of the Wyandotte County District Attorney(Mark Dupree) were being investigated seriously & properly Delisha Kelly’s murder never would’ve been solved.

Alonzo Washington believes that this murder should’ve been solved many years ago and he thoroughly believes that it only took this long to charge of this murder suspect due to his relationship with the Kansas City Kansas district attorney.

Please review the various social media postings that Alonzo Washington posted about this case & the tips he sent directly to the Kansas City Kansas Police Chief stating that Billy Ivan Dupree was the killer of Delisha Kelly in 2019.


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