Kansas City Crackheads & ChatGPT

Quick not so fun fact . . .

Nearly half or more social media posts are now written by robots. 

It's a trend that most won't understand until it's too late . . . But it helps keep people occupied, engaged and and also works to boost social media numbers.

Recently, we stumbled upon this missive that's so hopelessly naive that it's clear a machine wrote it.

Also, the grammar is pretty good . . . Which is a hallmark sign of machine writing. 

To be fair, there is a great deal of insight here gleaned from real human interaction and, of course, disdain for law enforcement that is a tenant of most online ranting . . . Check-it . . .

"I’m accustomed to the crack heads that don’t try to talk to you and they’re so high off their sh!t, I doubt they even notice you’re there… But in KC, it’s absolutely hard to ignore them, because they attempt to talk to you and stuff. Just hearing the couple in the restaurant talk about potential “better life” and hoping “their things don’t get stolen”… I wish KC would of put more money on the side for resolving the addiction and homelessness that runs through our city, instead of giving an additional billions of dollars to PD."

We note this only to assure readers that all of TKC's content is, for the moment, written by people and/or 1000 monkeys working at typewriters. 

And, as always, our typos, errors and spelling mistakes are lovingly hand-crafted. 

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