Kansas City Archbishop Encourages Catholics To Evangelize Against Abortion

Locally there was a news blackout regarding any regional connection to one of the most significant faith community events in months. 

Still . . . An outspoken KC metro cleric spread the word loud and clear to the faithful.

Here's part of what he said . . .

In his homily, Archbishop Naumann reflected on the day’s Gospel, where Jesus commissioned the 12 apostles to go preaching and casting out demons in his name. The archbishop shared how Christ commissions each one of us as his apostle to go and build relationships with those around us.

“The way we evangelize is not through arguing, but through caring for them as God does,” he said. “You are called to build friendship with them. It is only through friendship that hearts will be changed.”

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Archbishop Naumann challenges pro-lifers to evangelize through friendship - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

by Jack Figge Special to The Leaven WASHINGTON, D.C. - Before gathering at the National Mall with thousands of other pro-life advocates on Jan. 20, pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and the Diocese of Salina were challenged by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann to be Christ-like in their witness for life.

More relevant news on this topic since local news ignored so many local connections to the milestone event . . .  

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