Jackson County Legislator Jalen Anderson's Losing Fight Over Weed Revenue Exposed

The inside scoop on Mr. Anderson . . .

He's increasingly disliked amongst his colleagues and seems to be playing the "swing vote" on the Legislature after losing the chair position. 

Amongst the majority, here's the view of the politico's latest antics and a bit of speculation regarding his motives on upcoming Jackson weed taxes . . .

1st District At-Large Legislator Jalen Anderson is aligning himself with the Republicans and Frank White to fight “the man” 🤦🏽‍♂️

This week he killed an ordinance because he would rather leave county tax revenues from marijuana sales to the general fund instead of directing the funding to four broad buckets:

- Violent Crime prevention
- Community Health Centers
- Veteran Support Services
- Community Preservation

It seems like this guy is losing his marbles to keep his high car allowance!

We reached out to another insider and they offered this overview . . . 

"This marijuana proposal secures more transparency and direction when there was ultimately no one watching this new cookie jar, and the funds are all needs articulated by the community."

Update . . . 

It's important to note that the majority of the Legislature eventually passed their revenue allocation ordinance but not without a great deal of acrimony and drama from Mr. Anderson. 

Developing . . .