Jackson County Lawsuit Attacks Alleged 'Greed' Of Big Pharma Insulin Manufacturers

Anti-trust claims from the courthouse today are worth a peek . . .

The county seeks damages and injunctive relief from the defendants for alleged unjust enrichment and civil conspiracy due to an insulin pricing scheme.

“The cost of insulin, a life-saving drug that millions rely on, has skyrocketed because of the greed between insulin manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers," Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. said in a written statement. "Our legal action is intended to tackle this problem and expose the scheme that has harmed thousands of Missourians.”

The county is suing insulin manufacturers Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi, which it says produce the majority of insulin and diabetic medication available to consumers in Missouri.

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Jackson County sues insulin manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers for alleged insulin pricing scheme

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jackson County is suing a number of insulin manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers due to claims of an insulin pricing scheme that unfairly prices the diabetes treatment. The county claims that the insulin manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers are involved in "unlawful rebate schemes," that increase the cost of insulin.