Open Question: How Much Does MLK Tribute Cost Kansas City???

The quick answer . . . It ain't free.

However, we won't take any blame for lazy reporting because after years of asking neither city hall nor any other local media have provided any solid answers.

Meanwhile, for as much as we've debated MLK street renaming and the implication of his legacy when it comes to demands for reparations . . . Let's not forget that the MLK estate has more pressing priorities. 

Check-it . . .

"The litigious MLK estate, controlled now by King’s descendants, has a long history of employing copyright to restrict the use of King’s speeches. The estate appears to have two objectives: maximize revenue and control King’s image."

In fairness, we should note that there are many East side denizens who often lament prices associated with MLK tribute and claim exorbitant costs have hindered their celebrations as well. So this is, ACTUALLY, a civic discussion that shouldn't really fall upon partisan culture war lines. 

Nevertheless . . . 

We STILL advise locals to enjoy today's celebration of diversity, equity and Christian values. But let's not forget that, like everything else, there is, in fact, a price-tag attached.

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