How Does Kansas City Make The News?!?

A quick peek inside the process . . . As with offer credit to KSHB for providing this quick journalism lesson:

"Reporters write scripts before creating pre-packaged stories. Producers write most of the words you hear anchors read on air.

"Other managers proofread the content before photographers and editors piece together the videos."

That all seems about right . . . 

But might leave out a great many calls, texts and e-mails from powerful politicos offering their directives perspectives. 

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News Literacy Week: The process of covering the news, putting together stories in TV

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As part of News Literacy Week, KSHB 41 News wants to show viewers how it covers the news. Our parent company, , partners with The News Literacy Project every year to highlight the credibility of news. Every shift at KSHB 41 News in Kansas City, Missouri, begins with an editorial meeting.