Hogan Prep Back On Probation

Fun fact . . . A long, long time ago this was back where TKC REGULARLY attended summer school; but additional instruction never taught us proper use of a semicolon. 

Turns out recent trials and tribulations prove the place is still a dump . . . Take a peek . . .

"Now, the state commission is reigniting concerns at the school following the release of new state assessment data. In a letter last month, the commission said that Hogan is put on probation because its performance on the Missouri assessments in the 2021-2022 school year was “significantly below” that of Kansas City Public Schools, as well as goals outlined in its contract with the commission, which sponsors the school."

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Kansas City charter school put on probation over low test scores, staffing problems

A state commission has placed Hogan Preparatory Academy on academic probation, threatening to revoke the K-12 school's charter and putting it at risk of closing, over low test scores and its challenges hiring and retaining enough staff. It's the second Kansas City charter school recently to come under fire from the Missouri Charter Public School Commission.