Here's Why Kansas City Can't Save The K

First and foremost, the cruel reality is simple . . . The ownership, OBVIOUSLY, doesn't want Kauffman Stadium saved and if locals refuse to finance their downtown dreams . . . They've move to some other town that will.

Don't worry, it gets worse.

The real problem . . . 


Billionaires and corporations simply have too much power and influence in order to exert their will over the American populace and they've rigged every system in their favor. 

Don't get your panties in a bunch . . . We're not advocating socialism, communism or any other economic scheme that your dead grandpa didn't really understand but was taught to despise.

Here at TKC we believe that humanity was doomed to economic disparity the second that ancient peoples started using seashells to facilitate easier trading

Still . . . The fact is that the current version of crony capitalism which rules most of the planet isn't just corrupt -- It's unsustainable and might be nearing its logical conclusion to coincidence with Vlad dropping the big one in Ukraine. 

In the meantime . . . 

Stuffing a stadium inside the loop on the taxpayer dime so that some C-list action movie villain can have a nicer luxury box is one of the many options confronting locals who don't want to see the team skip town to Kansas or Las Vegas. 

Here's the newspaper pretending not to understand as much . . . 

But the Royals and their consultants also say The K would need too much work to serve as the team’s long-time home. They say it would cost as much or more to make the repairs the stadium will need in the future to remain viable.

“It’s becoming challenging to maintain the K,” team owner John Sherman said in a letter to the community last fall explaining why he would like the team to play future games at a new downtown address. “A new home would be a far better investment, both for the local taxpayer dollars already supporting our facility and the Kansas City community.”

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Is Kauffman Stadium in as poor shape as Royals say? Depends on how you measure it

Kauffman Stadium turns 50 this year. But the Kansas City Royals aren't thinking about the past as they make plans for a flashy new home downtown. There are plenty of reasons why the organization wants to abandon what has often been cited as one of the best ballparks in Major League Baseball before the team's lease runs out on Jan.