Here's How Missouri Gunman Shot Unwanted In-Law House Guests

A horrific story reminds us that anger seems to be rising in the Heartland and a dearth of impulse control seem to be hitting rural areas.

Here's the aftermath reporting on yet another gun tragedy . . .

Jesse Huy told police investigators that his wife's parents had come to help her recover from back surgery. As the visit dragged on, Huy began to grow tired and impatient with having them in the house.

"I felt intruded on, I felt disrespected," Huy allegedly told detectives, the Associated Press reports. "I went outside, got my gun, and shot all three victims in under a minute."

All three victims were shot in the head as they sat at the kitchen table.

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Missouri Man Killed His Wife and In-Laws Because They Wouldn't Leave His Home

A Missouri Man will spend the rest of his life in prison after authorities say that he killed his wife and her parents after his in-laws refused to leave his home. Jesse Huy had previously pleaded guilty to killing his wife, 48-year-old Tonya Huy and her parents, 71-year-old Ronald Koehler and 78-year-old Linda Koehler, in March 2021.