Guv Parson Refuses Pardon: Missouri Will Execute First Trans Inmate

A last ditch effort for pardon hinged on the inmates "gender dysphoria" and childhood trauma.

In a statement today, Guv Parson noted the gruesome details of the death penalty conviction:

"McLaughlin’s conviction and sentence remains after multiple, thorough examinations of Missouri law," said (Guv) Parson in a press release.

"McLaughlin stalked, raped, and murdered Ms. Guenther. McLaughlin is a violent criminal. Ms. Guenther's family and loved ones deserve peace. The State of Missouri will carry out McLaughlin’s sentence according to the Court's order and deliver justice."

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Gov. Mike Parson will not pardon Amber McLaughlin

Governor Mike Parson announced he would not stop the execution of Amber McLaughlin.