Former Prez Trump Review Inspires Kansas City Criticism Against Tasso's

Luckily, the "outrage" is only coming from about a dozen hipsters on a local social media channel.

As always, to be fair . . . This is an interesting find that looks like it's at least a dozen years old and might date to the game show days of the former Prez . . . Take a peek . . .

Sorry this doesn't really inspire outrage on our part. 

Especially since there isn't much local mention of the place and its fare . . . For instance, the kabobs are some of the best in the United States. AND they have a baklava sundae that we've heard will make even the most strident activist drop their political allegiances.  

Also . . . For those who are STILL REALLY angry . . . Their website seems to reveal that still allow patrons for break stuff for about 3 bucks a plate.

In fact . . . We notice some conversation urging a bit of tolerance for a beloved local restaurant that most of us are surprised is still doing biz.

Meanwhile, objectively we notice some of the support for the former Prez seems to be fading. HOWEVER, a return to social media might boost his fortunes as the nation seems to be rushing toward 2024 campaign season.

Read more via links from "many sides" of this issue . . .

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Developing . . .