Fool Kansas City Twice: Mayor Q Repeats Broken Pledge To Curb Homicides

This is bad.

This is REALLY bad. 

After the bloodiest mayoral tenure in Kansas City history, Mayor Q doubles down on a promise to reduce our town's homicide count under 100.

It's a pledge that should evoke outright skepticism given current numbers trending to record highs.

Here's our main takeaway . . .

Mayor Q's murder count reduction repeat is a local "big lie" strategy that offers a terrifying vantage into the callous, cold and calculating world view of the current mayoral administration. It's not just that they don't care . . . Most people don't care. They're taking it a step further, they're willing to use the violent deaths of hundreds of people on local streets as a talking point. 

Seriously, this is one of the most cold-blooded rhetorical tactics we've witnessed in years.

There are criminals, domestic violence victims, innocents and youngsters that are a part of this murder count but regardless of their standing . . . Kansas City's homicide numbers are comprised of REAL PEOPLE with lives cut short and irreparable damage sustained by so many families & communities who loved them.  

With this latest comment . . . Mayor Q succumbs to political newspeak and leverages election season standing rather than getting REAL with Kansas City. 

It's almost not worth mentioning that the worthless newspaper is letting him make this kind of hyperbolic pronouncement without posing any tough questions. 

The statement from Mayor Q is enlightening but it's also soul crushing. 

We haven't really been disappointed in Mayor Q on this topic until now. 

In many ways the KCMO murder count is out of his control and acknowledging as much is a level of honesty we would respect. It's okay to have a goal, make some kind of effort and then FAIL — It's the story of most people's lives. However, THIS STATEMENT shows us the Mayor's top concern is optics, image and tactics rather than any kind of respect for humankind. 

But this politic chatter is more than just rhetoric, it's an insult to anyone who takes Kansas City public safety seriously.

Take a look via link . . .

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