Fire Department Racism Alleged In The Dotte

A sad but familiar story that will likely see a settlement with no clear resolution in the court of public opinion.

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"The lawsuit alleges senior firehouse members sought to punish him by embellishing details of his actions “even if it was not truthful” because of his prior complaints about discrimination. He says his complaints to human resources, meanwhile, have been unanswered, according to the lawsuit. The UG, which oversees the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department and is the sole defendant named in the lawsuit . . ."

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KCK firefighter accuses Unified Government of race discrimination, retaliation: Lawsuit

A Kansas City, Kansas firefighter is suing the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, saying he was punished by superiors and ultimately suspended for speaking up about racism in the fire department. Leejamahl A. Washington, a 20-year veteran of KCKFD, filed a civil lawsuit in the U.S.