Quick answer: No . . . No they don't. 

Actually . . . 

Given recent EPIC spikes in property taxes . . . Advocates trying to shame locals for more school money should be SMACKDOWN given the ongoing decline in enrollment, test scores and student safety from the Kansas City Public Schools.

Still . . . Just because the argument has little merit doesn't mean that locals won't keep repeating it:

"City estimates show Kansas City Public Schools missed out on $45 million in tax revenue last year because of tax breaks for developers and businesses — and that amount has only been growing over the last five years."

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Kansas City schools missed out on $45 million last year due to tax breaks for developers

Rebecca Parker has a list of things she'd add to her library at East High School if it had more money. She says the school could buy more books, up-to-date technology and new furniture. "A lot of it is 40 years old. It was placed here about the time I graduated from high school," Parker said.