Desperate Real Estate Hacks Already Hyping Kansas City Selling Season

One of many "secrets" of capitalism: 

Nobody makes money if suckers aren't out there spending freely . . .

And so we share just a bit of context by noting Zillow has its share of problems that might or might not home buyers spending a great deal of cash . . .

Zillow's analysis included expected home value appreciation from December 2022 through November 2023, anticipated change in home value appreciation from 2022 and new jobs per new housing unit permitted, a Thursday release said. The report also factored in estimates of the net new number of home-owning households based on current demographic trends and the speed at which homes are being sold.

The Kansas City metro did not rank on the company's predicted hottest markets last year.

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Kansas City area predicted to be among hottest housing markets in 2023

Kansas City ranks seventh on Zillow's new list of hottest housing markets for 2023, ranking between two Florida cities: Jacksonville and Miami. Charlotte, North Carolina, was the top metro on the list, followed by Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Dallas and Nashville, which ranked fourth and fifth, are the closest metros to KC ranked in the top 10.