Council Lady Melissa Robinson Shares Her Kansas City Plans Amid Election Season

MLK inspires this local leader to offer a glimpse at the future . . .

During her tenure she mostly championed push back on police funding and the current effort for slavery reparations. 

Here's her latest power move . . .

The seven-part plan includes things like using the city land bank to put people in homes and partnering with local trade groups, companies and schools to make sure students have a variety of career paths after high school.

The goal, create a level economic playing field.

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KC councilwoman introduces seven point plan to move Kansas City forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On the day we celebrate civil rights leader and trailblazer Martin Luther King Jr., a Kansas City councilwoman is introducing a new plan to move all of Kansas City forward. Why now? She says today should be about action For 3rd District Councilwoman Melissa Robinson, the work started months ago.