Clay Chastain Launches Kansas City Mayoral Campaign With New Song

And now for something completely different . .  A word from a friend of the blog regarding his latest political crusade . . .

OFFICIAL Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain's Press release: Happy New Year Kansas City. "City Beautiful" is on the horizon-voters have placed Chastain's name on the ballot. Comes Now Chastain to launch his campaign...with his Campaign Song, I'm not Lucas"... and his accompanying message to the Community.

If Kansas City did not have potential, I would not seek to lead it. If Kansas City had a good leader, I would not seek to replace him. If I did not see myself as highly capable, I would not run. So, I begin the challenge of a lifetime-to oust the political establishment's "million dollar baby" and lead Kansas City to a new heyday. Mayor Lucas has no vision. He can mind the store, but he doesn’t have the wherewithal to fix the store or prosper the store. Under Lucas, insufferable homicides continue, glitz abounds, we are losing over 1,000 residents south of the River every year (over 110,000 since 1960) and we live under a non-transparent government that undermines petitions. We are held back by poor transit, high taxes, high debt, an impoverished Eastside, "infrastructure in disrepair" and the fact we are "going nowhere".

Our problems are as great as our potential. We are at a critical moment in our history where we don’t need an okay leader, we need a great leader. My daring move to oust Mayor Lucas is matched by my daring vision to enact the Boldest City-Changing Initiatives in Kansas City's History.  For the first time ever, KC voters can elect a problem-solving engineer who has the innovative ideas and good leadership skills to lead KC out of a dark era of "crime, taxes and tears", and into a new era…”City Beautiful”. I will forge an environment we want to live in and a "New Kind of City" that will attract new businesses, tourists and what we have lost to others ...120,000 good, hard-working, law-abiding and tax-paying residents. “May I serve you”, Kansas City?


Clay Chastain's Mayoral Kick-Off Song: "I'm Not Lucas."

You decide . . .