Clay Chastain Denounces Citizens Association & Demands Mayor Q Debate

Credit where it's due . . .

Longshot contender Clay Chastain doesn't really have much respect for the past and offers a scathing rebuke of an upcoming get together whilst asking for a face-to-face with Mayor Q.

Here's the word that no other media outlet is carrying . . .

Press Release: Clay Chastain Demands the Kansas City Community hold a Lucas vs. Chastain Mayoral Primary Debate over Kansas City's future, instead of putting the focus on 4-failed and irrelevant Mayor's of Kansas City's past!

Kansas City PBS, its host Nick Haines and the Citizens Association are hosting (this Thursday) a Forum amongst KC's previous 4-Mayors. Why are they doing this at this time?

(1) Are they more interested in what past Mayors have to say about Kansas City's past, or what the 2-current Mayoral candidates have to say about Kansas City's future?

(2) Is this a deliberate distraction to avoid a real debate between Lucas & Chastain because the political establishment wants the Community to ignore Chastain and not see him elected?

(3) Is this what we call Democracy in Kansas City?

We don't need *especially with 2-months to go before the Mayoral Primary Election* a forum amongst 4-former Mayors that (collectively) put Kansas City on a path of decline.

What the Community does need is a Real Relevant Public Debate.... between Quinton Lucas & Clay Chastain... over the serious issues facing Kansas City and before the people of Kansas City.

Clay Chastain


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