Nah, we're doing just find around here . . . These past couple of mornings we've been busy. Just recently we had to see a man about a horse. 

More importantly . . .

This part of the urban core confronts a recurring burning sensation that isn't just irritating or the aftermath of good time with loose women . . . BUT a serious sign of municipal decay. 

Here's a telling passage from a recent report . . .

This incident is part of a rash of fires within a couple of blocks.

Three weeks ago, a fatal fire in a boarded-up home in the same block led to the death of a person Kansas City Police are not yet identifying.

In September, three homes caught fire in the same block.

Nearly a year ago, an apartment building another block north caught fire, displacing seven residents.

Lenn Crocket has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years.

He now has several burned-out houses on the same block as his home.

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String of house fires plague the same block in Kansas City

A Kansas City family has been displaced after their home caught fire in the 2800 block of Van Brunt Blvd.