Brilliant Blog Post Reminds Us The Neither Life Nor Sports Is Fair

Guilty admission . . . 

TKC can't listen to ANYONE say . . . "It's not fair" without laughing. 

Any adult with a reasonable understating of history or just an average person who recently drove by a hospital knows this statement is ridiculous but we STILL see/hear it from time to time in politics, sports and via social media. 

I know I shouldn't laugh when I hear people talk about fairness, instead it's an opportunity to count blessings and breath a deep sigh of relief. 

Instead, per ushe . . . Pure mockery and absurdist chatter is a much more comfortable retreat.

Credit to this local blogger for calling out the idea and putting it in context . . .

Both sides are right. It’s unfair that the Bills won’t know if they could have won that game and had the number one seed outright. It’s equally unfair that the Chiefs won’t know if the Bills could have lost that game and then had the number one seed outright for themselves. It’s also unfair that a young, healthy man named Damar Hamlin almost died on a football field during a pretty routine-looking play.

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Sports aren't fair

The NFL announced last night their plan for the 2022/2023 playoff season after they were forced to cancel the Bengals-Bills game on Monday night. This was immediately met with outcry from all sides that it "wasn't fair." Bills fans complain that it's not their favorite team's fault that they couldn't play that game and they might have won the number one seed!