Big Belly Super-Fan Celebrates Kansas City Gift Of Life & Encourages More Donations

We remember blogging this scary bit of gunfire and we remain happy to see the victim doing well and getting more involved in the community

More interestingly . . . What's unspoken in the story is that THE DUDE NOW RESIDES IN MUCH SAFER SHAWNEE OVER METH TOWN WHERE HE WAS SHOT.

Again, this advocacy is worthwhile and kinda confirms a homespun talking point . . .

If you really wanna save shooting victims, donate blood . . . Check-it . . .

It took blood and platelets from 28 people to save Faseler’s life. In the years since, this Royals fan, who before was best known for shaking his belly on the Jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium, has built a life he thought he would never have, with a wife, two young children and a magazine-beautiful home in Shawnee. Thanks to his mom leading blood drives at school, he had been a blood donor before the shooting. Now he’s even more passionate about why people need to give. “I do it all the time,” Faseler told The Star. “It’s nothing compared to getting shot.”

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His first fame came on a KC Jumbotron. His new mission began the night he was shot

Jimmy Faseler was already a little famous the night he almost died. But when an intruder shot him in his home, the donated blood that saved his life brought him even greater fame. That night in 2015, he had watched March Madness basketball with friends.