WTF: Authenticity Defines Kansas City?!?

For the record, TKC believes that Lil Nas X is a GENIUS for a lot of reasons but mostly because he has been able to co-opt hip-hop culture AND social media activism in order to craft an exceptionally lucrative pop music career without a great deal of musical talent. Mind you, a couple of his songs are actually pretty catchy . . . And, speaking of authentic, as far as we know he's the only cowboy who looks good in pepto-neon-pink. 

And all of THAT offers a bit of context for this ironic bit of content from a local media "collective" that mostly serves to promote the cowtown entrepreneur class . . .

"Authenticity is a drug. Once you’ve tried it, it’s impossible to quit. That’s why people move to KC for no apparent reason. It’s why people who grew up here, moved away for something bigger, always seem to come back.

"Kansas City is the nation’s leading exporter of authenticity."

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KC is the nation's leading exporter of authenticity; How a city with no oceans or mountains gets it right

"As Kansas Citians, our minds go to the things that make it special. What do we have that's so special?" asks Matthew Mellor. "San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge. Denver is the Mile High City. Times Square. French Quarter. Rodeo Drive. Houston has whatever the hell it has.