Another Kansas City 'Safe Space' Kaput

We aren't gloating about the demise of a local biz with good intentions. 

The woke/broke troll should be reserved for multi-million dollar efforts from tone-deaf global advertising firms. 

Any small biz person knows that every endeavor starts with a dream that's almost hopelessly doomed to FAILURE. 

The bright side . . .

Maybe local biz people catering to LGBT clientele are victims of their own success. 

Given that "inclusion, diversity and equity" are values championed by every major, greedy corporation; niche hangouts on the local level might not be necessary . . . Starbucks is just as welcoming. Or whatever.

Meanwhile . . . Here's a reminder that EVERY community has a hard time supporting biz. 

Except for tacos.

Everybody loves tacos . . .

"A changing economic landscape led the founder to announce the business’ closure, she said. Jan. 31 is expected to be The Nelle’s final day. All non-trade or gift-based annual memberships will be refunded for their remaining terms in the coming weeks."

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The Nelle - a 'third space' for women and LGBTQ+ creatives - closing its doors Jan. 31

Lauren Saks Merriman is proud of The Nelle HQ's two years in the Crossroads Arts District, she said, recalling its impact as a genuine environment for empowered thought, inclusion and connection. "We set out to offer a safe space for inspiration and community," said Merriman, founder of The Nelle.