Activist Justice Horn Earns Gen Z Milestone

On #TBT we tend to dwell on nostalgia but right now we want to take a glimpse at Kansas City's future.

A message that activist Justice Horn recently shared with his followers . . .

“I talked to a local historian because I’m always curious about this stuff, but as Chair of the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission and Board Director of the Jackson County Children’s Services Fund—I’m the highest ranking member of Gen Z in local government in the Kansas City metro.

At 24 years of age, I’m forever grateful for the opportunities that are afforded to me, but it shouldn’t just be me. Our state legislature, city councils, county commissions, and the boards and commissions under them need more Gen Z representation.

In this new year, I hope we all advocate for more Gen Z representation at all levels of government, especially the folks with the power and those already in the room. 2023 must be the year Gen Z finally gets a seat at the table—here’s to that future!"


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